Know All About Lightning Cables

sonicable-1024x576When iPhones were launched it 2007, they came along with a heavy 30-pin connector for charging the device. Along with the advancements in design, the connector from apple has also changed. Replacing the 30-pin connector is the new lightning connector cable which is a huge improvement from the old one. This is the first time Apple moved to a new design in ten years.

The lightning connector has 8-pins that are made of metal for contact. They are arranged in such a way that there are 4-pins on each side. One of the most important features of the lightning connector is that it is about 80% smaller than the 30-pin connector. The connector has a microchip embedded in the cable and it is also reversible. This proves to be a great improvement from the earlier cable that was both larger in size and difficult to connect to the device.

We at have put together everything you need to know about Apple’s new lightning cable.

Although there are many advantages, some of the drawbacks of the new lightning cable is that many of Apple’s old products that used the 30-pin connector cannot be connected using the new lightning cable. The only solution available is that there are lightning cable adapters available that help to connect legacy devices to the new lightning able. Lightning adapters are available for a price of $29 and the lightning adapter cable costs around $39. These are available at Apple stores and their resellers. The price points are very high since they need to connect the 30-pin adapter to the new lightning cable.

If the adapters from Apple are expensive there are also other manufacturers that sell these cables. There are so many manufactures that sell these cables and it is important that one chooses a reliable seller online from whom these cables can be bought. Some of the verifications could be checking for a right mailing address and a contact number using which the seller can be contacted for in case of any issues. The only way to check these adapters is to use them and hence it is important to have reliable contact details in case the adapters do not work after purchase.

Apart from adapters, another option available is the 30-pin Bluetooth Dock, which connects all the legacy 30-pin Apple devices and accessories. These are simply plugs that can be connected directly to the 30-pin accessory. Whenever the accessory is switched ON, the adapter that works via Bluetooth automatically switches ON. Additionally, using Bluetooth allows the user to connect multiple devices wirelessly with the docking station. Another advantage of using the Bluetooth dock to connect is that it eliminates the confusion of connecting multiple cables and the confusion of tangles.

If you have the following devices then you are looking for a lightning cable adapter online or in stores iPhones launched before iPhone 5, iPad: iPad Models, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation) and iPods below 4th generation. Ensure that you buy the adapters from reliable sellers to enjoy seamless connectivity with the lightning cable.

iGrill Thermometer Freedom

Using Technology In Cooking: iGrill Thermometer For Meatloaf

As the world around is getting more and more technology based, with smart phones, smart TVs and everything, our kitchens are becoming smart’ too. While it may be one of the slower industries to catch up to the incoming technology, but there are several ways to can make a kitchen smarter.

Technology in cooking can reduce time in food preparation, speed up cooking processes or simply keep your kitchen cleaner and functioning smoother. It is possible to spend a lot of money on smart interactive stovetops or go for simpler and cheaper technologies such as apps to control cooking processes. Whether it’s time or effort that is being saved, technology is always welcome in the kitchen.

With so many new, cool and interesting gadgets in the kitchen to make cooking easier, some of these gadgets have also incorporated a lot of technology to make them even cooler. Who doesn’t love to show off all the latest in technology to their friends? So why not incorporate technology into a dinner party too.

Technology can even be incorporated into cooking as old fashioned as meatloaf (click here for the best meatloaf recipe site around!). There’s this really cool device called iGrill digital remote meat thermometer.

iGrillpairs up to an iPhone (4S+), iPad (3+)or iPod Touch (5th generation +) using Bluetooth technology to cook meat perfectly every time. There is the regular iGrill and the iGrill mini devices, and both work great for meatloaf.

The cool part about the iGrill is that it can be set and forgotten about. With a range of 150 feet, it is possible to leave the kitchen and not have to worry about returning until your meat is cooked the way you wanted.

Simply stick the probe into your meatloaf and let the cord connecting to the iGrill run outside of the oven. The cord is thin enough that the oven door will shut completely. The small iGrill device sits outside of your oven, changing color to show when the meatloaf is getting closer to being ready.

Set custom temperatures or choose from one of the presets to determine how well the meatloaf should be cooked. Leave the kitchen and check the iGrill app(click here) to see how the meatloaf is doing. There is even a graph to show the trend of how the meat is cooking in the oven. The app will alert and ring when the meatloaf is complete based on the presets entered when the meatloaf was put in the oven.

Without having to open the oven door to check on the meatloaf and take its temperature, the meatloaf can cook in a shorter amount of time. The iGrill will make cooking meatloaf much easier as you watch its progress on any Apple device.

Another cool feature of the iGrill app is the feature called Globe’ that shows where all the other people using the iGrill app are on a map and what they are cooking. iGrill can be used for anywhere a meat thermometer is needed. Click here to be directed on how to purchase the iGrill digital meat thermometer.

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Life With OneTouch Idol 3C

[learn_more caption=”” state=”open”][dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”]D[/dropcap]o you remember the OneTouch Idol 3? How could you not remember, since it was only released several months ago! Still, believe it or not Alcatel has already released its ‘successor’! The features that distinguish the two devices are only minor; still they are definitely worth writing about. One could argue that while in fact these two devices remain the same, they are at the same time very much different. If you would like to know how, do read on!



Even though OneTouch Idol 3C isn’t different per se, it’s rather the additions to the existing OneTouch Idol 3 which makes them a little bit different. It can be truly said that these tiny tweaks are just minor enhancements, but still for some users that can be even more than enough to choose the OneTouch Idol 3C model over the OneTouch Idol 3 model.


OneTouch Idol 3C models includes a completely noticeable series of replaceable covers which range in color and go from very traditional shades of gray (see what I did there?) to very loud colors which will scream at its users. Of course, if you would like your phone to be trendy and hip you can always opt out for a loud color, and if you are more on the conservative side you can go with the understated, minimalistic cover which will ooze class.


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OneTouch Idol 3C, just like the Idol 3has a huge display, which is something some smartphone users might look forward to. The 5.5-inch display is certainly on the bigger side, but its resolution is not really the best. At 1080p resolution, this smartphone does not do the justice to its graphics and they are not really at their sharpest.


When it comes to physical controls they are on the right side and there are no physical controls on the front. Nonetheless, even though there are no physical controls on the front the volume rocker and the power control are still there!


If you want to buy a smartphone with a really trim and slim design, than OneTouch Idol 3C might be ideal for you! The model is only152.7mm long by 75.1mm wide by 7.9mm thick and it will fit into any pocket.

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Also, do not forget about the replaceable covers which will truly make the Idol 3C steal all the attention! The OneTouch Idol 3C comes in five colors, and those are: white, lime green, yellow, purple, red and of course if you like the dark gray you can always go back to your Idol 3. The covers are made entirely of plastic, but when you snap them on you get such a satisfaction not only in the visual sense by adding the pop of color to your smartphone, but also to the audio sense by hearing this amazing ‘click’ sound when popping your cover on your phone.